Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday...My Flyday...

Come Friday evening I'll be too lazy to do any work. I'll be too full from lunch, too tired from window shopping and too stress out from my weekly obligations.

Friday can't come soon enough. The only problem is it will be over as fast as it will come and that is just so bloody irritating :(

I have a mini family outing with the in-laws tonight. A wedding to attend on Saturday night and a major major shopping trip that can't be missed. I really really need that particular "something" hehehehe (trust me, itz not as interesting as I make it out to be)

I also just booked a mini trip in July. I'm not sure how things are supposed to turn out, it will either be a "friendly gateaway" or a romantic trip. Either way will work for me.

Dahlah malas... will update some pics later :p Have a great weekend everyone

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