Friday, June 19, 2009


I was looking forward to a much needed rest this weekend but I doubt I'll be getting any :p
  • I'm going back to Malacca for the weekend. So I guess there won't be much "rest" this week *sigh* but on the bright side can go jalan2 and meet up with nenek and my cousins. I do miss them, the last time we hung out was during my wedding...
  • Watching the show "The Good Body" after work @ Sime Darby Convention Center tonight with my office mates. Should be fun but I'm just so sleepy at the moment I wish I could just go home and snooze.

Last night I was bugging Lan to tell a bedtime story. He was like "malas-lah" after non-stop bugging from yours truly, he try to start on the story "Si Tenggang" and I was like "are you trying to give us nightmare. At last he came up with this...

The Rabbit and the Kura-Kura (as told by Muhammad Azlan Ab Malek and edited by me :p) Satu hari kura-kura sedang berjalan-jalan when dia ternampak Rabbit the berehat sambil makan carrot. Dia geram tengok rabbit tu tengah relax dia pun ajak rabbit race the next day. Rabbit yang cool tu pun agree. Dia tanya kura2 "what time?". Kura-kura jawab "8.30am sharp". The next day rabbit sampai at the agreed place @ 8.30am SHARP tapi kura-kura takde. So he waited and waited sampai 9.00am. Dia bosan dia pun balik sebab nak pergi dating and he left kura2 a note. 9.30am barulah kura-kura sampai and saw the note and he said "alah rabbit nie macam tak faham je, janji melayulah kalau janji pukul 8.30am, pukul 9.30am barulah event start" sambil mengelengkan kepala. Kura-kura pun pergi jalan-jalan carik makan lepas tu.

Me: cerita apa nie?, what's the morale of the story

Lan: Alah creative lah sikit, morale of the story is selalu tepati masa.

Me: aiks? (loyarburuk betul laki aku nie, mesti kura2 tu aku :p)

It's 4.10pm *sigh* When can I go home???

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Bads said...

lol. this is too funny! ask him for some more!!