Friday, June 26, 2009

A trip back to memory lane...

*sigh* It's a sad-sad day today. I seriously can't believe the passing of two very influential icons M.J and Farah Fawcett. I'm currently listening to MJ's old songs, which bring back a lot of old/happy/sad memories. I dug out some old pictures, and I can't help but think of how much time have actually passed. I feel so OLD :p

OMG I missed the people in this pics so very-very much, but if there is one thing you'll learn from MJ's untimely death is to be thankful and appreciate the people around you before it is too late.

p/s: I really wished people would stop talking ill of the dead. It is not FUNNY :(

With Sarah, Jules, Cath & Sabbie after our Teacher's Day choir performance. We're the coolest, right?? hahahah We actually received letters from juniors who wants to become our "best friend" OMG poyo siotz :)

The many-many pics with Cath. All the nonsense that we come up with *shake head & grins*

Cath & Jessie.
My rocks for the past 14 years. They've been there for me through the craziest crap & my happiest moments. We're friends not because we agree on everything but because we can disagree and still be the best of mates.

They were there for me through every stalker (haha), heartbreak, success and failure stories. Siapa sanggup pick up my phone call at 3AM to listen to hear me cry and pour my heart out during my one to many love drama? Literally pick me up when I was in one of my bipolar moments?

Left to right: Rajoo, Juju, Tinie, Reebok, Ude, Myself & Iena

I was "exposed" to loads of stuff when we were together (good & bad) hehehe. Despite being label as the original "gossip girls" of the law school and was accused of being friends with each other for "convenience" we stuck with each other through good and bad (I can't say the same for out comentors)

Our relationship is very unique. We teased each other in secret languages that may be alien to outsiders, make extremely "mean" comments to one another and play dress up.

I could be the biggest bimbo with them without being afraid of being judge, if that is not a testament of great friendship I don't know what.

Farhanna & Associate: When you study, stay up till 4am finishing assignment, eat, sleep (kat cubicle bukan literally) together for 10 hours per day, everyday, for a year. You can't help liking each other and probally end up marrying one of them (haha)
Oklah technically I was only close to Tini, Lan and Yen but I'm still very much thankful for having Laila & Ina as partners. We all worked very well together :) Which other group yang sanggup beli toy gun and download autopsy report for CTA class FIRST ASSIGNMENT? Our lecturer was shocked.
We're kiasu, selalu takde case waktu kelas Suzaini, mata gam je memanjang (esp Lan kaki tidur paling legendary dalam class : he even sleep on the witness bench) but that time was one of the happiest time in my life :)

Gambar nie tak relevent sangat just that I can't fit in that supertight kebaya no more *sedih* nampak macam whale pakai pelampung *huhu* My resolution is to be able to wear balik my blue kebaya after giving birth to baby beanie :)

Dikala menjadi tunangan orang :p

"You are now pronounced husband and wife :p"

When there were just the two of us. End of the year there would be another addition to our small family *insyallah*


~f@R~ said...

love u so much sayang!

Far said...

kenapa you guna ID I nie? geram.... (this is the real Far :p) hahahah

Anonymous said...

Kepada Senior Partner Farhanna & Associates, terima kasih banyak2. banyak jasa/help/ilmu u bg kat i time buat hons dulu, takkan i lupa.....YEN

najwa said... schweeetttttttt...seriously..comey giler...well i wasnt der during honors but during our degree dat was one my greatest memorable time ever in my life..i get 2 know myself especially n da rest of u guys who r so dear 2 my heart(hilary swank ring a bell,:P)..luv u all..n tennis, seriously tiber2 enterframe kat sini..heheheh..i know he's ur hubby..biar..hehehehhe

~f@R~ said...

Yen: I tau I baik kan? hahahah

Rajoo: *sigh* Hilary Swank... mesti sepanjang2 jalan tu kau cuba cari jalan nak enter into my conversation ngan Iena kan? Nasib baik kitaorang accept you kalu tak kau geng bitam skarang...

Ms.WifeY said...

so schweett:) dgn kematian mj (i know u had his hair once :p) kau tiba2 schweet pasal kitorng kan :)

will always have all the memories dear to my heart no matter who we are rite now :)

btw, najwa,pasal tennis tu,kau mmg t.r coz tiba2 je,dahla tergantung, hanging mcm baju syed k.