Thursday, July 16, 2009

The blind, the deaf and the mute

I have a story to share. It all started with a FB status entry. B was pissed at something and decided to update her status, the status post was not directed to anybody in particular but C decided to "terasa". C did not confront B about it but decided to pour her heart out to her "best friend" D. D who does not even own a FB account and does not "technically" know what is going on decided to interfere by vilifying B to everyone she knows.

The thing is EVERYBODY knows that D does not like B ( nobody knows the real reason though, but I suspect its jealousy) The thing is D does not even travel in the same crowd as B, so technically B's action has no effect to D.

Turn out B was not talking about C. However, due to the things that D is saying about B , B & C is no longer talking (eventhough all C did was relay her fears to D and nothing more). C is also fighting with D. The main problem is D don't think she did anything wrong. In her mind, if anything she is the VICTIM.

Confusing enough? I know I am :)

The one on the "sewel" Moral Compass

The problem with most people (including myself) is we are more aware of other people shortcomings rather than ours. We will spend hours to dissect, analyze and discuss other people "problem". Sometimes we just decide to not like a person based on our own analysis. We always think that our judgement is right and other people must be wrong if they don't agree with us.

When people don't treat us the way we think we should be treated, we are always the VICTIM. We rarely step back to look at the mirror and think that "hey, maybe people don't like me because of my behaviour". No it is always some other person fault.We refused to take responsibility of our action coz in our heads we can't do no wrong. We preach to others that we are the BETTER person, if we did make a mistake *god forbid* it is always because of someone else.

"I'm religious, see I wear a headscarf and don't miss my prayers and EVERYBODY knows it by looking at my face (tenang je) and you are just a tiny little sl*t with your short skirt and partying ways. Mesti tak pandai baca al-fatihah pun and mesti sleep around"

"Alah dia tu buat-buat je baik. Tapi dulu *insert eyes rolling* macam-macam dia buat. A tiger won't changes its stripes"

" I don't sleep around like Marcy, she'll sleep with a dog if she can get it. Look at me the only reason I gave myself to Franklin is because I know him and we've been dating for 3 WHOLE weeks"

" I used to be such a good person. I change because I want to but once I start hanging with D,E and F, I change. I only smoke and drink because they do. You know peer pressure *sob sob*"

According to Oxford dictionary, the best word to describe people with this kind of behaviour is hypocrites.

Don't take it upon yourself to be another person moral compass esp. if you know that you are not a saint yourself. I'm not saying that you can't give advice but please look at your own capacity, or it will be the case of the blind leading the blind.

No reference to the above ada kaitan dengan hidup dan mati. I'm just trying to remind myself that we can't expect perfection from another esp. if we ourself is not perfect. If ada yang terasa maybe we should take it upon ourselves to change towards being a better person. Let all keep an open mind :)

Have a good day people. I'm off to watch Harry Potter tonight


Sha said...

Who are you talking about? Anyone I know?

RX said...

very well said

najwa said...

seriously confusing far..i cant keep up..heheheh

~f@R~ said...

Sha: Hahaha rahsialah

RX: really? nice to know someone can keep up with my rambling? thanks... hahahah

Kel-Wa: bagus kau tak faham... the more people I confuse in the process the better :)haha