Monday, July 6, 2009

Strawberries & Vanilla Cupcakes

Stop giving me food :) I'm currently staring @ 2 yummy vanilla and chocolate strawberry cuppies on my desk. Thank god for overly "giving" colleague.

You know what they say about rezeki baby? I always believe in it but I got a real life evidence yesterday(alhamdullilah) :p Semalam balik rumah 2 cheques was waiting for me. One from Mara* for my book allowance and another from IRS.

The combination of both would be more than enough to get me a new designer handbag. Tapi sebab saya responsible (like real) I'll wait till the end of this year and get myself a nice and stylish diaper bag that don't look like a diaper bag instead :p

*Note: Not to sound ungrateful but I don't understand MARA's rationale of giving a Masters student RM500 for book allowance for 4 semesters. Thank god I'm all out for photostated books and online notes... heheheh

I went for a short group holiday in Genting with Iena, Uda, Rajoo and Lan during the weekend.. Fun outing but a bit tiring (all the walking it's finally taking a toll on my poor preggers feet..haha) Will update on the pics later, I left my camera @ home.

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noah said...

nawp, noah is not my real name but if i were reincarnated that would be my name ;)