Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Air... Can't Breath...

The title of the blog may look romantic but the truth is I'm sick, my nose is runny and I'm sleepy. That pretty much sums up my day :)

Since I was on MC for the past 2 days (Tuesday & Wednesday) I forced myself to be a bit more productive today. However I find it difficult to concentrate on documents because I can barely register what is going on around me. Slow and steady, I hope I'll get all my mojo back soon. I have a presentation for Securities Regulation class this Monday *sigh*

Well no point in brooding over things we can't change, right?

Lan and I was discussing on baby's room furnishing last night :) I'm so excited. We're not planning on getting any of the furniture anytime soon but we're gonna slowly start making room for baby beanie. A corner in the master bedroom (for a cot/ treasure chest and those cute kelambu's) and a corner in the study room (clothes & toys storage etc) would be allocated for the little prince/princess :)

I think think the project is going to take at least 2 months of my time because we need to clear up my clothes and bags in the study room first. Though it have been 4 months since I've moved to Shah Alam, there are still boxes of clothes that is still untouched, handbags and shoes strewn over on the shelves, in boxes and under the bed. Sometimes I wonder why do I keep on buying clothes/shoes/bags that I don't need? Serious bermasalah betul :)

Will blog more on this soon, serious takley bernafas nie.. nak balik lah. Adios!!!

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