Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hope is grief’s best music.

The One on the Noseblock...
After 1 week of feeling like I'm wearing prosthetic nose, I'm finally able to breath freely again. I seriously had enough yesterday, after a week of flu & lelah, I literally walk out the office without telling anyone and drove straight to Dr Soraya's clinic. She gave me a 1/2 day mc and a few pills. *alhamdullilah* it worked instantly. I'm ecstatic that I no longer sound like Darth Vader when I talk (example: Hello *wheeze wheeze* I'm *wheeze* Farhanna )

The One on Work...
Everybody is currently very busy @ the office. My HOD-SMS is leaving us soon *sob2* so we need to clear our projects ASAP. It's kinda sad to see her go.

When I first started work, I had no knowledge whatsoever on capital market. I was taken under my then supervisor wings R.K. Despite my initial protest, she entrusted me with my first solo rule amendment file during my FIRST week at work. She was patient (you have to be with a first timer yg seriously bebal pasal securities law) helpful, and understanding. She answered all of my "stupid" questions and when I did make mistakes, instead of screaming at me, she would patiently tutor me on the right way to do things. Well, she left after my 5th month in SC to follow her hubby to Dubai.

After that I had to report straight under my HOD which terrified the sh*t out of me. Imagine being a newbie with a million of "stupid" question, afraid of making mistakes. It is one thing to ask dumb question, but it is another thing to ask dumb questions to the person who would be assessing your performance report at the end of the year.

Well, it all turned out well in the end. Though SMS does not look as approachable as RK, she is just as patient and as helpful. She did open up a lot of opportunity for me to prove myself despite being only a GME. I was give real files/projects just like my other senior colleague.

I remembered working on a policy presentation for her which was to be presented to the line department with other HOD's in SC present. I was told to prepare the slides/paperwork and she would present it. Five minutes before the meeting starts ( we're already in the meeting room at that time) she just turned to me and said "Farhanna, you do the presentation" At that time I was too shocked to protest, so I ended up doing the presentation. I survived the ordeal and after we wrap up she send me an email consisting of 2 words *good job* Its a small gesture but as a GME and coming from a head, that was the biggest compliment that I could dream of at that time :)

Well, one more month to go before we say our goodbyes. Praying that my new boss would be as nice. C'est La Vie. No point in complaining on things that you can't change, right? I guess I should gear up for some new adventure ahead. Until then I'm back to my latest proposal. Have a good day everyone :)

That first peak is the best place to pause and look back, to see if you took the easiest route, to learn the lessons from the first climb. And it is the best place to examine the terrain ahead, to change your plans and goals, to take a deep breath and begin climbing again.- By Michael Johnson


Anonymous said...

Good to know you feel better. Good luck with the new boss

Jucci Jucci said...

ahahhaa. geram pls komens. well, i nak dtg rumah u. tapi u x ajak, i segan la. maklum la i bkn bff u. bff u najwa or reebok je. hahaha

najwa said...

dont worry far..tgk2 ur new boss is better or as great as the previous one..anyway hope ur feeling better..take care

~f@R~ said...

Anon : Thanks
Jucci: Ahhh najwa is not my bff, she's only my pak guard, datanglah rumah, inform awal2 nanti aku masak.. for you honey anything...but don't bring najwa please, itz a date for you and me :)
Rajoo: is soooo sweet and romantic as always... huhuhu