Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cheeky Cheeks @ 5 Months

My 5 Months 2 Weeks Milestones
  • I'm able to meniarap (very effectively) but every time I end up on my tummy I will start screaming because I do not like tummy time (but I insist on turning nevertheless for reason only known to me)
  • Can recognize people calling me by my name (will usually turn to Ryan or Muhammad. Not that receptive to Daniel ;p)
  • I can gasp (i.e. laugh cute baby laugh and gasp at the end of each laughter)
  • Can effectively identify people (i.e. Mummy, Daddy, Nenek, Atuk and Mak Long... Pak Long still so-so) Will cry if I'm given to strangers...
  • Getting more and more impatient by the day (ikut perangai sapa lah nie)
  • Love the song ABC, Twinkle2 Little Star, and Selawat "Laillahaillallah" (Pernah make mummy sing these 3 songs over and over again for 30 minutes non stop)
  • Suka pegang milk bottle sendiri and have started eating solid food (at the moment baru makan brown rice cereal and carrot puree)
  • Can stand/sit sturdily with support ;)
  • Love to babble for hours (complete with the phtttt sound and bubbles)
  • Pandai jelir lidah (hahah sapalah ajarnie)
  • Very acrobatic... this close to sucking his toe nails (you know what orang tua say when babies do this??? alamak)
  • Overall a happy and bubbly baby who love to pose for pictures and adore compliments (sangat perasan and a bit vain :- in a good way) hahaha

Alhamdullilah... I thank Allah for you everyday Ryan...

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Sha said...

comelnya Ryan in baju melayu