Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend here I come :)

I’m on ½ day today to take care of some “school” stuff. Later I’m planning to shop a little for myself and Ryan (noticed how Lan is never included anymore? Haha) and I’m planning on watching Sex and The City 2 . I love spending this stolen “me” times.

Anyway Jessie came over last night to pass some stuff for Ryan (Love the moo bip especially) and we gossip till 11pm.Best gila merepek-repek for hours hehehe… Anyway looking forward to hang out again soon (whenever soon may be).

Father’s day is this Sunday. I bought presents for daddy and FIL. Ryan and I are planning to bring Lan out for lunch *somewhere* Malas want to plan now if tak jadi sakit hati. One thing I learn about being a mummy is that you can’t obsessively schedule everything and expect it to go as planned all the time. So let’s just go with the flow

I don’t have much updates at the moment, but I’m bored and I feel like doing something hence the post. Anyway hope everyone will have a great and safe weekend ahead *insyallah*

Happy Father’s Day in advance to all the awesome dad I know and love *muackz*

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