Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My 10Million Wardrobe :)

My dream wardrobe... though my mega ass will never look good in those tutu's

I was home sick yesterday, so I spend most of my morning watching BTS for Sex and The City 2 and SATC2 E News Special. Despite the bad reviews garnered online I still can’t wait to watch it. I have a “thing” for SATC.

I remembered watching episodes and episodes of SATC back to back after I completed my first degree. I just broke up with my then ex boyfriend, so with nothing to look forward to despite the long holiday since I declined mummy’s offer for a holiday in the hopes that he will come back (hahaha drama warma) I decided to stay holed up in my room to read and watch movies/TV episodes.

The best thing about SATC is the friendship/ heartbreaks and the epic Carrie-Big love story. You can’t help but be sucked into her crazy everyday life and even crazier love life and out of this world wardrobe.

Speaking of wardrobes, I LOVE Carrie’s walk in wardrobe in her new apartment with BIG. Gorgeousness. Do you know at the time of the filming, the wardrobe is worth up to USD 10 million stocked to the brim with all the Monolo’s, McQueen, Choo’s etc. Please don’t get me started on the shoes… oh the beautiful Nicholas Kirkwood shoes that SJP have been seen totting around… be still my heart… heheh I can always dream, the shoes cost my monthly salary.

Anyways though I might not be able to own the dresses/bags/shoes/accessories in the movie, I can work toward the next best thing. My own shoe room. Display racks for my shoes and ample room to hang my handbags. A girl can always dream and work towards making it a reality,right??

Alhamdullilah Lan and I are closer to our goal each day (insyallah).

My Final Semester as a Student

My classes are starting soon. I'm kinda sad thinking about it as it will mean late nights and less time for cheeky cheeks. I console myself saying that it will only be for 4 months and I'm doing all this so that things can further improve for our family once I attained my masters. No pain no gain, right? Ryan should learn early on that he must always work hard for what he want and the result will be worth it *insyallah*


DyanaBangs said...

kakna kalau ade shoe room , suruh akak rasmikan okay !

~f@R~ said...

rasmikan as in can see not touch?? hahaha size kasut tak sama kan? :)

DyanaBangs said...

eh sama lah kakna *harapharap*