Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shopaholic Mode....

I was searching for presents for a friend's baby on several UK and USA based website. [p/s : I know the overly cynical and critics will find the above comment as "trying" but I'm not even going to bother to justify my purchases..hahah] Back to the post, I managed to scout for several cute and not easily available stuff in Malaysia for a very reasonable price.

Cute and practical baby stuff is not really easy to find. If it is cute, it may not be very practical or vice versa. When you finally find an item that fits both criteria the price would be beyond ridiculous. Sometimes getting the items abroad are more reasonable.

The trick is, you have to know your products. Make several comparisons on the item and please factor in things like custom charges, delivery charges and tax etc. For example an item may cost USD 5.00 ( roughly RM15.00)but factoring the above "hidden cost" a simple t-shirt may set you back close to RM90. So be smart.

You should also consider the time factor. If you need a dress for your annual dinner which is 2 weeks away, I don't think it is very smart to order from an international online site. Even with express postage, shit may happen. You would not want to be caught in a situation where you end up with nothing to wear and your personalized 18th Century dress arrived 2 days after the big event.

Anyway I fell in love with this "My Little Seat Travel High Chair in Hula Loops". I think it is very practical as you can use it not only when you're out with your baby but also when you are at home. It fits any round or square back chair. It can fit a 6 months old baby and also older children. The best part is that it comes in many stylish designs so you can choose one in accordance to your personal style :)

I also like this "Fisher-Price Precious Planet Bath and Changing Caddy " You can put all your baby diapers and cream in the caddy and you can easily carry it around the house. It is also very cute as an organizer for the baby nursery. With Ryan always being transported to my room- living room- my mom's room, I like the idea of the caddy :)

We're also looking for a walker for Ryan. I'm currently leaning towards the one from Sweet Cherry and Chico. The one in Chico is a bit more pricey but I can utilize my Parkson voucher so I would only need to fork up about RM100. The one from Sweet Cherry is not bad price/looks/sturdiness wise.

I have about 1-2 months to make the decision as I would prefer Ryan to spend more time on his tummy at the moment so he will be able to learn how to crawl. Since the walker will make him more mobile, I'm afraid he will become a tad lazy to move around by himself. I did read that using a walker might cause your baby to walk later but according to my friends that is not really the case, since their babies started walking from 9 months onwards. Initially I was a bit scared on getting Ryan the walker but after getting their reassurance, I think I will buy it in a few months time :)

The one from Chico

The one from Sweet Cherry

Ryan... Ryan nowdays everything is all for you. Mummy and daddy don't even bother looking for stuff for ourselves :p Anyway we may be going on a short holiday next week. Hope it will work out as I won't be going anywhere once classes starts in July...


DyanaBangs said...

untung haaa ryan dapat mummy daddy pemurahhhh ( :

~f@R~ said...

Hahahaha untung macam orang tu lah dapat bf pemurah... vintage bag so cun... pinjam!!! :p

DyanaBangs said...

kakna beli lah yang berjenama jenama COACH ape semua , akak belum mampuuuuu ! HAHAHA

~f@R~ said...

Coach? wowwie dah pandai ye... study hard nanti bila dah kaya you can always buy one gucci bag for me :p

dyanabangs said...

for youu ??? ADOIIIIII KAKNA !