Monday, June 14, 2010

Every Mummy's Nightmare

The fever and flu season is back and its latest victim is Ryan :(

Ryan was sick since last Thursday, his temperature even went over 38'c at around 4am. Alhamdullilah after giving him a dose of fever medicine and sponge bath we manage to take it down a few c's. However I realised he started coughing and wheezing at some point. Of course I was worried esp. with the history of asthma in the family. I also feel bad as I'm sure that I'm the one who passed down the virus to Ryan :(

Lan and I decided to take EL on Friday so that we can bring Ryan to see the paediatrician . We contemplated in bringing him to SJMC to see Dr Sofia but Lan don't want to go through the crazy wait so we decided to bring Ryan to Baby and Beyond Clinic in Bangsar Village II.

I don't think Ryan realized that he was sick, as he was happily jumping/rolling around like nobodies business. I guess he was just excited to have mummy and daddy around. He probably thought we're going jalan-jalan.

@ the clinic, cool huh? look like some playgym/toy store

Excited... He don't look like someone who made his parents/grandparents stayed up all night to take care of him kan?

Ryan has bronchitis :( so he was given a Ventolin inhaler to treat his cough. Alhamdullilah his bronchitis did not develop into pneumonia... Credits to his pneumococal shots... We will be closely monitoring him..

My little curious Tom... I let Ryan play with the Aero chamber for a while to pacify him..

My little Darth Vader... good boy took his medicine calmly...

5 minutes later.... happily playing with Tama and his car keys :p

Moanday and back at work: I feel like staying home to take care of Ryan but to bad I have to save my cuti for future use. Anyway the weekend was ok, at least managed to spend good quality time with Lan and Ryan. We also celebrated my mother in law birthday on Saturday, my sister in law threw an impromptu party where they cooked, supervised by our great grandmother *yummy* and we got the cake and KFC. It was fun coz everyone was around.

Was supposed to go out yesterday but Ryan was still not 100% well so we stayed in and watched DVD's "Coco Avant Chanel" and "Percy Jackson: The lightning thief".I love both movies though was bit pening as the Chanel movie was in French. Trust me 2 semester of french as a third language does not make you "fasih berbahasa perancis" [ok I'm actually poking fun on an article on someone a few years back] On the bright side since we didn't go out I managed to do some housework :)

Ok that's all the update on my weekend. Have a great week ahead people...


Anonymous said...

Get well soon Ryan - Aunty Sha

Ms.WifeY said...

kesian ryan :(
i truly feel u far! nia pun kena suspect asthma jgk...mintak simpang la...

but the paed gave u the aerochamber eh?how much does it cost?

mmg skrg musim, jgn bawak ryan keluar k, jaga sampai baik dlm rumah :)

~f@R~ said...

Thanks aunties :)

Tinie: I'm not sure but the aerochamber + ventolin inhaler tu RM120. Looks a bit pricey but can use up to 5 years so worth it... Ryan pun suspect asthma, I doa for both Ryan and Nia mintak jauh :)

DyanaBangs said...

get well soon ryan . aihh , akak nak google lah bronchitis tuh ape . dah lupa lah kakna !
ps ; menyesal akak jual mahal taknak ambik true blood arituh

~f@R~ said...

bronchitis tu minor infection to the lungs... the upper part kalau tak silap... doctor tunjuk but Kak Na tune out :p heheh Khamis ni datang ambik Nenek kan? ambik lah the series... nak charge satu episode RM2.

DyanaBangs said...

kakna cousin kesayangan akak , ape charge2 lak . penat akak bodek letak nama kakna bersepah2 kat blog haha

~f@R~ said...

hahah publicity murahan :p

nawal said...

owh my..siyan nyer ryan....guess wat,i've been delaying tat pnemococal shot since month4....huhu..nak kene amik jugak la....better save thn sorry kan?....nauzubillah 4 all the bad things to our babies!!!