Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonder Woman

I have too much stuff going on my mind at the moment. It is so hard to cluster them and make sense. I want to do so much but I can't find the time to do it. Worst of all the feeling of laziness will come and I end up not doing anything but panic :p

I wonder how they do it???

You know the super successful woman who run a business empire while at the same time doing their doctorate while managing adorable babies, perfectly behave kids and a loving husband who dotes on them. They just ooze confident and class.

Impossible? Not really as I personally know a few of these "wonder women". They are so successful but they lead their life in the simplest drama free way. Best of all they are content and so humble. We should be ashamed of them. We achieved so little but the "kecohness" outweigh the achievements. Sometimes "diam-diam ubi berisi"

So screw Carrie's closet. I thrive to be like these successful, humble and content women *insyallah* To start I shall end this post and go home since it's already 5.45pm hahaha


DyanaBangs said...

selamat menjadi humble ye kaknaaaa !
ps ; akak dah tengok the notebook !

~f@R~ said...

nak Mcvalue nugget satu and Ryan nak Happy Meal :) kalau tak kitaorang ngadu kat Nek Long ada orang tu ponteng orientasi hahaha

DyanaBangs said...

ape neh kakna ! rules are meant to be broken . dulu kakna pon camtuh kan sebenarnye ??