Monday, July 26, 2010

When I was just a little girl :)

I've been blogging way back since 2005.... I've uploaded a few hundreds or so entries... some more nonsensical than others but I had fun typing my views. To me blogging is the best way to vent, it stops you from tearing the head of the office b*tch or the annoying salesperson. Sometimes it is so much easier to let out your feelings when you think nobody is reading. You tend to be more honest with yourself. You don't censor your thoughts as much as in normal conversation.

Nowadays with more people having access, I find the freedom is not really there... Maybe it is the feeling of wanting to portray a "good" image, maybe I don't want to hurt some people feeling, maybe I've turn into mush and am actually "nicer" I don't know but it ain't as fun as it use to be. To tell you the truth it's actually getting kinda old and BORING....

Whatever, anyway I was browsing through my old "coppergoldimaniac"blog (giveup it's private :p) and I had so much fun walking down the memory lane... Oh how much things have change but there are things that still stay the same...

These are some of fave blog excerpts.....

On Life Ambition

My ambition one day is to write a book on my views, on the theory of nonsensical observation; I'm going to make sure that the book made no sense at all. People would look at it and wonder. They would’t know if it’s a total work of genius or just plain gibberish; but they would buy it and read it nonetheless, making all sorts of intelligent observation and criticism on my values and ideas. They would make my book a part of the school textbook and study on my worldly outlook on life. People would wreck their brains trying to figure me out and I would be laughing my way to the bank *insert evil laugh hahahah*

On Marriage ( I wrote this when I'm 22, for the record I still believe every single word I wrote.. nothing have changed I just have really found that BALANCE I was looking for)
First of all I'm still YOUNG, and what I want so badly is a CAREER not just a job. I know we can have both, but I figured that I want to be able to stand on my feet first before I start my life with another person. I would like to be able to depend on myself both mentally and financially and not on my parents or spouse. No harm in being independent ;p Secondly, I'm planning to continue my studies, maybe take up a masters degree or a professional certificate before taking in any extra responsibilities (jeez I make it sound so ROMANTIC..hehehe) . Embrace knowledge people eventhough the process to get it is fucked!! hahaha...

On Changes
The thing about me is I hate changes. I don't adapt to new surroundings easily. I do not believe in changing for the sake of changing to fit in with the people around me. If I were to change it would be a gradual and slow process, sometimes it even go unnoticed. If people don't like it, then that would really be their problem. I could not care less about people quirks and fancies, opinions aren't necessarily a good thing.

On People and Questions
Come to think of it, when people ask you questions in a lift,toilet etc I doubt they are expecting a full fledged confession "Such as work suckz, life suckz, my pet cat ran away to elope with the neighbours dog so I'm stuck with the house work. Thanks for asking but I'm tendering my resignation so that I can join a cow loving cult". Sometimes a questions is juz that, a question, answers not necessarily needed :)

Well.... that's all folks :)


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