Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Little Prince is 7 Months Today :)

Hello everyone : Today 20/07/10 is my 7 months birthday

Everytime someone sing Twinkle2 I'll start doing the Twinkle2 gesture with my hands. I'll open and close my hands as mummy sings :)

I can imitate certain sounds...
I'm getting real good with my musical octaves :p

Very demanding and bossy. No doubt anak mummy nie

Baru baik demam. Nowdays Ryan demam on and off. He's teething and at the same time still recovering from his bronchitis so it take so much longer for him to recover.

Doctor says he's fine but we need to be extra careful as there's a strong change Ryan may also be allergic to dust etc. We're going for the allergy testing once he have fully recovered.

Despite all that, Ryan is thriving *alhamdullilah*. He's getting real good with his commando style crawling and is showing signs of pushing his lower half upwards in preparation of crawling properly

The problem is he moves real fast and it's getting real dangerous to even leave him for a second. Ryan also look like he have lost weight as he is getting more lasak by day...

The only time when he will sit still is when he's watching Elmo. He's so amazed with the "monsters" and the ever annoying Mr Noodle. Look at his face, full of concentration :)

Ryan, I look at you and I admire your determination. You're always learning new things/skills (even naughty ones like sticking your tongue at people) and at the same time you teach me to look at things from a new perspective everyday.

Anyway disregard all the comments from people comparing you with other babies "development" You are your own person and as far as I'm concern you're doing very well. Love ya, pucker lips :p

Anyway, I think YOU complete ME!! hehehe

Weekend Activities

Saturday was spend at home as Ryan was just recovering from fever. On Sunday we went out on a quick trip to IKEA to scout/survey furniture and kitchen cabinet. Completed one whole round and I have a million ideas for Ryan's room in my head

I think come October Ryan's room would be the only complete room in my house (haha)

Anyway we had lunch in Bumbu Desa, Curve. The food was so-so. I find it too sweet for my taste and as far as Indonesia food is concern I think Sari Ratu and Wong Solo dishes are way better (and cheaper too)

Anyway we had 1. Daging Bakar, Ayam Bumbu and Bergedil Kentang (this is quite nice) 2. Masak lemak pucuk ubi 3. Sambal Cili

Big boy can now sit on the baby seat and as we're enjoying our lunch he's eating his delicious lunch of vegetable medley soup :)

That's all for now folks, see ya later alligator ;p


dyana said...

dh dpt ke elmo kakna ?
neway , ryan , get well soon !

~f@R~ said...

ah ah jumpa kat some small stall in da supermarket save duit :p heheh

so how's da induction? pergi ke ponteng?

Izyan Darling said...

awww big boy already! soon mummy will be chasing after Ryan and daddy will have a 'wrestling' partner. good to know he's growing up well, Far. ;)

DyanaBangs said...

induction ? akak pegi sampai 10pg , acara dengan senior , MALAS lah , tapi amanat dekan , akak pegi okayyy ! HAHA , kakna , akak ade story sedih ;
tadi akak reload touch n go akak sampai rm50 . driver bus kata die boleh bagi baki tapi tibe2 die kata opps , mesin takde baki memang kena *&^%$*# lah die ! )):

~f@R~ said...

Izyan: Hehe thanks :)memang dah start lasak dah nowdays...letih nak jaga sometimes...

Nurul: serious? geramnya,you should complain baru padan muka ida.. kalau org takde duit cash takkan dia nak suruh beli makanan guna t&g :p

DyanaBangs said...

akak hantar message kat RakanPolis , haha , mcm kelakar kan ??? tapi TAK PUAS HATI !