Monday, July 5, 2010

A Place To Call A Home :)

One of my "things to do before I turn 30 personal KPI's" is to get myself a house. Guess what? Lan and I are in the process of getting one :) *insyallah*

We have been looking for a house for about a year (roughly after we got married). We have scouted for houses in the Shah Alam, Setia Alam, Bukit Raja and Bukit Tinggi area but we can’t find one that we both like. Some are too remote, too expensive, too small etc.

After Ryan was born, we were faced with a minor difficulty of deciding on a place to stay. Truth be told I think Lan and I was spoiled by the fact of having my parents around helping us with the baby, so we dallied on the decision of going back to Shah Alam. Since I’m working in Damansara and considering the work hours ( I don’t think it is acceptable for any executive to go home earlier than 545 even if you come early) I will usually reach home around 645pm or even 730pm sometimes. Lan will usually reach home earlier, though he does have the odd late meetings once in a while. When that happen my parents will usually pick Ryan up from school and take care of him until we come back. Come July (i.e. today ) my final semester will be starting thus more late hours on my part. It made sense for us to live with my parents

However, after much discussion we decided that it is time to be on our own. So we resumed on our house hunting and we found a perfect house for us :)

1. It’s near our family (heheh within 5 minutes walking distance from my mum and aunts, 15 minutes driving distance from Lan’s office and 20 minutes driving distance from my in-laws)
2. It’s landed property with plenty of space for our 3 member family. The house is a 2 storey, corner lot terrace house. Plenty of room for Ryan (and his siblings *insyallah*) to run around and for future extension plans
3. We have sundry shops, Ryan’s Kindy, schools, playground etc nearby
4. The area is not too busy/noisy but also not too remote. We note that the area is not real estate heaven but we’re not really planning to sell the house in the near future so not to fussed.
5. Most important of all it is all within our budget and it’s already completed with CF

Alhamdullilah the SNP have been signed and bank loan/ KWSP have been approved. We’re just waiting for everything to be finalized if everything goes as plan *insyallah* we would probably be receiving the key end of September or early October.

Don’t think we’ll be moving soon after though, since it is a new house so there’s some minor but essential renovation to be done (i.e. grills, wiring and electricity, toilet & plumbing and kitchen cabinet etc). Moving will only be done after my finals in November. I feel like baru je pindah Shah Alam, now we’re moving again (I still have boxes of things left unpacked).

Lan and I will have to start tightening our household budget. I will need to spend less (or not at all) on nonsensical stuff - so no more shoes for the moment. The amount of money changing hands is nuts. I guess it is all worth it as we’ll finally have an “asset” to call our own. Wish us luck and pray that everything will go as plan.

So excited. I may not be buying any new shoe in the near future but I will finally have my own shoe room :) -yeah my priority is a bit skeewed but it's my house :p


DyanaBangs said...

Nanti kakna duudk jauh , mak nab rindu dendam lah dengan ryan ! silap2 mak nab tido rumah kaknaaaa

~f@R~ said...

Hahah ataupun kidnap Ryan suruh duduk rumah lama, Kak Na duduk rumah baru :p boleh ah Nurul datang lepak weekends next year :)

Sha said...

Exciting news!! Congrats Far and Lan