Wednesday, July 7, 2010

B.P.D Mode Part XXVVV

Finally a breather...

I have nothing nice to say at the moment, so I better keep quiet and not let my thought run wild. I love it 6 years ago when I first started blogging that no one I knew (or a very small number of people) read this blog. I hate it when the things I say become a point reference. i.e. "remember your entry on this and that, who is it you're referring to?" B O R I N G!
A short picture update on my weekend attending Tinie and Rinie Baby Shower. I'll let the pictures do all the talking. Had so much fun with the girlies. Gossip, buli Najwa etc etc The organizers did a very good job organizing :) Wishing Tinie and Rinie a safe delivery ahead *insyallah* Anyway I'm going to a Tripple Baby Shower next week, it's getting bigger... wonder if there's going to be a quadruple baby shower pulak lepas ni...hehehe
With Jucci and me playing BB model :p

Yummy mummy? pasti ke? hahaha

I should have ordered De LaHam, The Hot and Saucy not great :(

Farry & Jucci : Check out our ruffle concept tops :p

With Farisa :)

with the mummies Rinie & Tinie

Menggediks: My ruffle looks like lidah jelly *eeww*

Love the pic : Very Colourful :)

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DyanaBangs said...

kakna yummy mummy .
ps ; akak kena gigit kumbangg ) :