Monday, July 12, 2010

Just the Two of Us :)

@ the Loaf Empire

Ryan looking tortured with Maksu Yanni
Handsome boy :)
Ryan with his Paul the Octopus :)
Hey guys, I got a new ride :)
I don’t know how all those single mothers do it. Especially those who had no help (family or maids)

Lan wasn’t around on Friday to Sunday attending some course. When he told me I was panicking a bit as I can’t imagine taking care of Ryan PLUS sending him to Gymboree and doing house chores. On top of all this I wasn’t feeling well and was a bit down due to some “mishap” concerning a certain gadget that shall not be mentioned here so as to incriminate me later (lawyer talk :p)

I guess, you got to do what you got to do, the weekend went without a hitch (or nothing major) and I managed to spend quality mummy baby time with Ryan.


I went to Gymboree bright and early with Ryan. Persuaded my mum and dad to come along so that they can help take care of Ryan in the car while I drive. Went to my aunties house for lunch and had “rendang itik” and other yummy Nogori Sembilan food. I made croquet for tea, my first venture succeeded, it was yummy and my mum and dad loved it. I think I’ll make more soon. Later my cousin Nurul, Anis and Yanni spend the night at my place. Urrgghh taking care of Anis & Yanni is a bigger challenge than taking of Ryan… *sigh* but Ryan and I had fun with the aunties watching movies.


Busy busy busy, up bright and early. Feed, bath and make sure Ryan take his nap before finishing house chores. My parents and I brought Nurul to Empire for lunch at the Loaf. We went to Toys R Us to get Ryan his Elmo but it wasn’t there (managed to get him one in Plaza Damas just now. So I’m happy :) )Later we send Nurul back to hostel in UiTM and went home. Went out again to Tesco for groceries, where my mum bought her grandson a table/chair. I was like “mummy, he can’t even sit properly yet” *geram* Took turns taking care of baby with my dad that night as my mum had to go for her “mengaji class” . Once we put him to sleep, more chores waiting and finally went to bed at 12.30pm where I was awoken by Lan who just got back.

Who said being a mum is easy?

Anyway I think I showered Ryan with even more attention than usual this weekend as I felt guilty for spending less time with him as classes already started. By the time I come back from class on Monday and Wednesday night he’s usually asleep. I try not to feel too bad as I know; I’m only doing this for him and our family. But that does not make it less painful *whatever*

Home Sweet Home

We managed to make an appointment with the developer to check for flaws and defects on Thursday. The list of defects and pictures have been sent and approved by the developers and the home improvement work starts today. We’ll have to install grills by the end of this month/August so we need to go grill hunting this week. Vacant possession probably takes place in October and then the real headache will begin. I’m over the moon though. I’m already making decoration plans. We’re taking things slow and I’ve develop a 5 stage renovation/ decoration phase to be spread out for the next 2 years or so for budget purposed.Despite it all I’m so excited… a house for our family. *alhamdullilah* thanks for making our dreams come true…
Out new crib come October *insyallah*

Ryan's Proposed Room ???
The master bedroom :)

That is all the update for today... will blog soon. Take care everyone....


Sha said...

Nice place.when is the housewarming?

DyanaBangs said...

ada nama akak ( :

Ms.WifeY said...

fargu so happy for u n ur lil family, a home sweet home :) hehe where is it located?lawa :) syukur kan but soon ur head will be filled with too much headaches,until semua settled :) but take it one at a time,after all it's ur home, so no need to rush to make everything perfect kan?nanti buat housewarming tau!

~f@R~ said...

Sha: Thanks darls. We're only moving end of this year/next year

Nurul: Hahah sila bangga

Tinie: Its in Klang near my mum's place. Ah ah ya we're planning to take the reno slowly.. but nak fikir yg essential pun dah pening :p