Monday, December 27, 2010

December Happenings : The Summary

I'm a bit lazy to type actual words so I shall do a PHOTO STORY :) of our activities in December 2010.

1. Dinos Alive : Pusat Sains Negara (12 December 2010)

Salt water fish aquarium : Entrance with Ryan and Mamat (my sister's nephew)

The boys with the monkey band :p


Tyrannosaurus Rex : Grrrr

T- Rex fossils

Sumpah lawak Dino ni rap ala2 Kelwa :p


Let's raid mummy's bag


TGIF : Ryan buli abang mamat :p hahaha
2. Iena's Wedding @ Bangi
Uda, Reebok & Aimee

Love this photo


My lil man surrounded by hotties :p

With Nawal

Salam x tengok muka *sigh* I guess he prefers older kids

Nawal and his mummy. Dana muka sama-lah

Cubaan nak geng ngan Kak Nia x berjaya :p

Hehehehe tetiba geng with Aunt Isya...

With the Bride and the Groom

Congrats Ienanononi...

Ok I dunno what kinda pose we're trying to do...
There's more pics but I haven't found the time to upload it on FB. I shall be more dilligent by Mid January, when I expect all the furnitures to arrive and we've officially move in ALL our stuff to the new crib :p

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