Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ryan's Birthday Celebration - Part One

Date: 20/12/2010
Venue: Home, Ikea Damansara, Empire Subang and Taska Az-Zahra
Occassion?? Hooray Hooray Ryan is ONE today...

Lan and I decided to have a small celebration for Ryan on Monday. Everyone in my family took leave to have an intimate family lunch together and spend some time with our little boy.

Woke up early and finalized Ryan's party packs for his kindy mates. Later Lan, Ryan and I went to Ikea to get some house stuff. We decided to meet up with my dad, mum and sis at Empire Subang and we had lunch at Kenny Rogers :P The birthday boy got to choose his present from atuk and mak long (quite a haul, alhamdullilah!!)

Around 5pm we headed out to Ryan's school to have a simple celebration with his "friends". I'm gonna leave you guys with the pictures.

Theme of the day : Sesame Beginnings :)

I designed the stickers myself (and some other deco for Party Part 2. I think my little boy deserve some personalized touch from mummy dearie huhu

Let's help mummy stick the stickers

Big Apple ;p

Maybe I should get him one of this...hahaha

Ryan's "older" classmates

One of his main caretaker, Ryan is jealous that she's holding the other boy haha

Cutting "mo" cake :)

"nak nak"

*yummy* everyone was shouting 'cake..cake" at the moment

Hehe thanks for accommodating us teachers :)
(malu sebab other parents x celebrate pun, my mum over excited nak celebrate the first grandson bday at school ;p but still thanks mummy for wanting the best for Ryan )
Stay tuned for part II coming soon in a few more weeks :D


Izyan Darling said...

happy 1st birthday Ryan! be a good boy!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ryan.

Far, i dah dapat sms jemputan dari Lan. Insyallah setakat ini belum ada plan nak pi mana-mana on that date. Kemungkinan i datang rumah u. Dah dekat setahun tak jumpa...excite pun ada.


farah said...

hmmm...ryan jer dapat besday present banyak2...mak long nye besday present tak dapat lagi punnnnnn !!!!

~f@R~ said...

Thanks Izyan & Yen

Yen: hope to see you this Sat ok *insyallah*

Long : Whatever :p