Thursday, December 16, 2010

Everyone Judge (It's me Judging)

When people tell you to just be yourself. Do you think they really mean it? Or are they just saying that so that they can go behind your back and judge you like crazy.

But my question is why do you care? If the things you are doing make you happy, why not disregard other people views on you? As long as you’re happy, right? Too bad humans are driven more by emotions than logic. So no matter what is being said, whether it is true or not, if it is a negative statement it will affect us on some level.

For some of us, you may get all emotional, start screaming at that person, hurl verbal abuse, rant on twitter, blog about it etc. Some people may keep quiet and do nothing or think about it for a second and dismissing it as jealousy/negative feedback etc. Whatever your method of coping may be there would be some reaction to the statement.

I don’t know a single person who is as “open minded” as they claim to be (at least in my opinion). My definition of “open minded” is being able to accept and respect views from all quarters, process it logically and act in a manner the “open minded” person sees fit.

Nowadays when people say that they are open minded, most choose to see it from one angel which is accepting “western cultures and views”. Sometimes it goes as far as accepting other people cultures but disregarding our own local/religious belief with the preconceived notion that anything Islam/ Malaysian is “uncool”, “kolot” and “uptight”.

Whatever happens to balance?

To me, EVERYONE is entitled to have their own opinion but please don’t expect everyone to agree. The thing about freedom of speech is that it goes BOTH ways. You have the FREEDOM to say what you want and other people have the same FREEDOM to disagree/criticize etc. How you plan to handle people perception on you is up to you but you can’t expect to say something provocative and expect people around you to nod and agree.

For example: I’ve been asked this question from my non-muslim friends when I was younger. ‘Far,I thought you’re open minded, why don’t you drink alcohol ?”. My answer has always been the same “I’m open minded as much as my religion allow me to be” and they respected that. FULL STOP.

The tiring part is that I have to defend my choices to my friends who are Muslims, who knows the faith but still choose to consume alcohol and goes all out to justify their actions. For some reason the defensive mode just kick in full gear. Honestly, Do I think they are bad people? Nope but at the same I don’t necessarily agree with their choices. If you’re close to me I may even tell you WHY :) but your decision is your own and I respect you for it.

At the same time I don't think just because you're wearing hijab, act all holy means you're a good person. I know some people who are physically covered but *masyallah* perangai worst than their non-hijabians counterparts.

Sometimes your actions/clothes/ words does not necessarily defined you. Sometimes it does. We all interpret things differently.We just need to agree to disagree and go on and live our life as we sees fit.

In the words of Shakespeare – “Few love to hear the sins they love to act"

I’m not here to preach. That is not my job. But I think some people should not live in an idealistic world where they think everyone should listen to what they have to say because THEY are saying it. You see everyone JUDGE. You can’t help it you’re human. Just don’t be a hypocrite about it: p

If you don’t know me, you’ll hate me. When you make the mistake of thinking you know my you’ll think I’m plain and emotionally unavailable but when you truly know me you won’t be able to stop yourself from loving me. XoXo- Far

P/S: I need more hours in the day. In between work, wifely/mumsy duty, planning for Ryan's Bday @ Kindy and Doa Selamat + Ryan's Bday @ home I have no time to even finish a book this week. To me that is BAD!!!

PP/S: I just designed and printed stickers for Ryan's party packs on my own. Kinda fun, I think I can do this party planning thingy for a living hahaha (yeah getting a bit over my head)


Jucci said...

well said baby, hehe

Sha said...

I like this. Thanks for the reminder.

DyanaBangs said...

totally epic . my fav <3