Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Hijrah...

Update 1- Awal Muharram Project

We’ve moved out from our Shah Alam house into our new crib last Tuesday. There’s crazy amount of cleaning to do and I have no idea how I’m going to complete it all by January 1st. Besides some drama with the movers (thank god for my brother in law who totally saved the day) everything went well.

Lan and I hosted our first “family gathering” with my family and in-laws. It was an impromptu “picnic lunch” when my mum in law decided to come over with loads of yummy treats and then my mum came with more food she cooked from home so we ended up with quite a spread. Carted off cutleries from my mum’s place (pathetic cause most of my dishware are all still in boxes) and had lunch on the floor. It was fun to have everyone together though.

I’m telling you the expenses to set up the house is CRAZY (hence the capital letters) and here I’m talking absolute essential stuff. Money is flowing out like water. However, I see it as an investment as it is for long term used. As of now we’ve managed to install our grills, kitchen cabinet, tiles to the living room, build an extended back wall/ cement ½ of car porch, main bathroom sliding door and air conditioner. More home improvement work to be done gradually :p

Update 2- Mini Shopaholic Inspiration of the Day

I think I shall stop buying clothes (we’ll see how long I can abstain).Seeing all the outfits that I have to cart from Shah Alam makes me feel guilty. Some of the clothes still have tags and never worn. There are some purchases that was highly questionable like a PVC legging and neon green dress (what was I thinking mode).

I think I shall throw the ones that are not wearable, donate the decent clothes to the charity box near my house and probably sell off some. If you’re nice to me I may let you raid my closet for clothes, scarves, bags and shoes that I don’t want anymore.

My sisters in law had a field day after I gave them a paper bag full of Roxy, Converse, kiddy handbags and sling bags that I have out grown. Serious rasa sayang nak bagi (dasar manusia memang tamak haha) but I figured letting them go unused is just wasteful.

I shall learn to mix and match my available clothes better, reorganize my closet and come up with loads of new outfits instead of buying clothes just because. In honour of the New Year I shall strive to be less wastefull and be more prudent with my spending :)

Update 3- 3 Muharram 1432
According to the Islamic Calendar, my little prince turns one today. I remembered how I was hoping that his birthday fall on Awal Muharram: p but Ryan has different plans for me. Making us wait for 45 hours before he decided to grace us with his presence. Darling let me tell you this: The wait was worth every single contraction, pain, sweat, blood etc. You’re worth it. I hope you will grow up into a soleh, highly intelligent, handsome, considerate, understanding, responsible and happy young man. Mummy and daddy will always pray for your well being.

Happy Birthday Muhammad Ryan Daniel. I love you very very much. I’ll bring you out later for a small celebration (provided that your father agrees) and we will celebrate again with Atuk & Nenek on your “other” birthday this 20/12/2010 ok

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