Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In My Very Own Dream(Bag)Land....

Since I'm a total dunce and did not upload pictures from Ryan's bday "party" yesterday (which I will do tomorrow) I shall make it up with another IMPORTANT post...

You see I've gotten my pay + bonus for this year (it's neither GOOD nor is it bad, I'm just thankful) . Majority of the $$$ would be spent on the house (sad but necessary :( ) but after having to put up with one of the most difficult supervisor i.e. tai chi master for a year. I think I deserve a treat.

And that treat should come in the form of this Anya Hindmarch Vernis Bag as seen on the fashion guru herself Blair Waldorf :) The one Blair is carrying is a few season back but the new line is even prettier with an even sturdier handle (must have for a mum like moi)

I can't make up my mind, should I or should I not?? I know the design is very "simple" and may look a bit B O R I N G but I need a new bag for work -something a bit more classic rather than my usual choice of bright red and hot pink bags.

Let see what my "financial advisor" have to say about this intended purchase... huhuhu


I love this Pierre Hardy heels spotted on Leighton Meester during a Herbal Essences event. Mimpi jelah the shoes retail at USD 1,053 (about RM3500++ in Malaysia) I rather buy my Boston instead :p

Very pretty up close right :)

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Sha said...

Get it Far, better yet go get the Boston. It is on sale!!