Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bare Minimum Preparations??

We’re halfway through Ramadan. Hopefully our ibadah is as glorious and “meriah” as our Hari Raya preparations.

Speaking of Raya preparations, I’m pretty much set for Syawal. Since I'm simply allergic to crowds, I decided to save myself from the hassles and did my shopping early. I decided that all of us will go for readymade baju’s to avoid last minute headaches with the tailor. Got Lan, Daddy, FIL and Ryan’s Baju Melayu from Parkson and JJ (sorryla tak kuasa nak go through jam in PKNS,SACC etc).

I also managed to borong loads of Ryan’s casual clothing during the Mothercare & GAP sales. I find that it was more of a bargain as compared to the Raya sales as we got an additional 10% member discounts on top of the normal 50%-70%. In addition to the t-shirts that my sis and Cath got for Ryan from Paris and Japan my little boy is all set up to next year in term of clothes.

I haven’t bought anything for myself. I still have 4 new jubah from Mecca that have not been worn yet, a caftan from Chanteq that I bought on a whim a few months back and a maternity batik kurung that I only worn once. I guess I’ll choose something to wear from my cupboard instead. Saving my $$$ for my trip to Jakarta mid of next month. Though I do think that I deserve a new shoe for being so frugal (Azlan take note- I can imagine my husband feigning deafness/blindness)

My Raya preparations for the house this year is also pretty minimal. I guess since we've just moved in earlier this year, everything still looks brand new so I don't really need to go all out on Raya decorating. My ID motto is the simpler the better :) Anyway with a toddler around and 2 more babies underway I figured that it is better to keep the dust collecting/ fragile/breakable items out of the way: p

Raya would not be much without kuih raya,right? I ordered a grand total of 2 balang kuih raya, one which would be given to my mummy. Malas nak membazir sebab not like people would eat the kuih pun so I rather stick to kerepek. Siapa datang rumah I’ll cook for you instead, ok :p

My final shopping list? Cookie container, a new teapot (since SOMEONE broke my fave teapot lid *sobsob*), Fairy lights or pelita?? (Can’t decide between these two, what do you think?), songkok Ryan, Baju raya for mummy and slippers for MIL. Hopefully by the end of this month, this list will continue to be as short .


farah said...

Tahun nie Mak long takyah beli baju raya lah for ryan k...sebab asal keluar jer asik2 belikan ryan pun dah ada... baju tido ada?? kalau sume dah ada..mak long kasi duit raya jer lah kan...tahun nie ryan last dapat duit raya banyak..tahun depan kena devide by 3 !! hehehe

~f@R~ said...

No need to buy baju please.Baju tido dah ada, kan nenek dah beli pajamas Macqueen and Bob the builder that day. Duit raya double this year *yeay*

farah said...

Banyak ler kau punya double...sama jer lah cam tahun lepas... apa double2 laks.... belanja berhemah ok...membazir itu kawan syaitonnn :p

~f@R~ said...

kalau save duit dlm bank mana ada membazir. That is called investment :p