Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Seven @ The Bees

The Bee's, Jaya One, PJ

30 July 2011 (Saturday)

Lepak Session with da gals(and hubbies)before the start of Ramadan

Food & Restaurant review:
I love the Rootbeer float :p, My French Burger is not bad -7/10, Lan's Cheeseburger scores about the same. The Churros is not bad either. I guess their specialty is the burgers as the pasta review was just "so-so". It's a pretty cool place to hangout, it has a nice ambiance but I wouldn't say it is a very child friendly place (Thank god we left Ryan at home). The music was really loud (I would say "blaring" at one point)that you have to kinda raise your voice in order to have a normal conversation. But all in all not bad :)

Left to Right: Miss Ferragamo -Farisa, Bowly Champion Udadidado, Tinie (hehe can't believe our EDD dekat2 *insyallah*), Reebok (glowy kerana sudah ada "perisik" sbb baru dirisik -j/k bodo I know :p), Smelly Blue Cheese Pipi Kembong Kacang @najwa83, ME :) and Ienanononi yg tak dapat QC my camera sbb Lan sorok hahaha.

All of us minus En Azlan, who took this very unflattering picture of me :p

A sooprise for Uda, Reebok and Myself. Thanks gals. So sweet of all of you :)

This is like the 3rd time the photographer suruh berlakon tiup candle. Sampai cengkung pipi

Anyway I had a lot of fun catching up with everyone. Need to plan one berbuka puasa session soon. Muackz-muacks :)

P/S: The reason why there's a sudden flood of updates is because I'm spending lunchtime in the office. There's a slight adjustment to our flexi scheduling during Ramadhan where the Muslims are allowed to go home earlier (in my case 445) if we forfeit our lunch hour.

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