Friday, August 12, 2011

Ramadhan and My Twin Pregnancy

It's a bit depressing to spend Friday lunch in the office, but in order to leave early (i.e. 4.00pm) I need to forgo my usual 2 hours lunch break.

Anyway today is the 12 day of Ramadan. The fasting months have been good so far :) I've been fasting on alternate days on doctors advice. Actually she would have preferred if I do not fast at all this year but after discussing with Lan and doing some research on fasting while pregnant with twins I decided to go ahead.

Alhamdullilah, I don't have much problem fasting. I don't get super hungry/thirsty but at the end of the day I do feel a bit more exhausted (which is easily remedied by going to bed extra early i.e by 10pm every night- yes 1opm is very early for me ok..hehehe )

However, unlike fasting when I was preggers with Ryan, this time around I really have to watch what I eat during sahur.I would need to drink at least 500ml of plain water (trust me it is not easy to gulp that amount of water at 5am), eat at least 4-5 pieces of kurma (my savior), have at least 1/2 a bowl of cereal/pasta/nasi, a bottle of vitagen and take all of my supplement.

It sounds a bit tiresome but I guess when you are carrying twins the effect of fasting has a different effect on your body. I ate 2 pieces of bread and drank a cup of tea for sahur last week and end up having to break fast at 10am because my body was shaking due to low sugar level. Thank god I always keep a stash of choc and biscuits in my office drawer/car :p

I've been monitoring my weight daily. My main aim is to maintain my current weight and ensure there's no more weight loss. Babies are kicking actively so I take it my little munchkins are fine kicking each other in my tummy hehe. My main concern is of course the babies growth, I need to ensure that the babies are growing at a steady pace and at the same rate. Since I can't measure their growth with my own eyes, I'm basing my assessment based on my weight, growing tummy size and fetal activities.

It seems like a lot of work, but my motto is to prepare for the worst but pray for the best. Being pregnant with twins means the pregnancy risk would automatically double. I'm more succestible to gestational diabetes, pregnancy high blood pressure, early labour, pre-term pregnancy, c-section etc. I don't want to live in denial and assume that my pregnancy will be all rainbows and candies but at the same time I choose not to be pessimistic and focus on "risks" and end up not enjoying my pregnancy. Balance is the key :)

Currently,I'm reading all sorts of literature on twins pregnancy. Sometimes the more I read the more I feel like panicking (haha) but based on my experience with Ryan, having some basic knowledge on what to expect do help on some level. At least you won't end up all panicky when your are face with the unwanted situation.

Oh well, I'm already thinking about the mac n cheese bites and mini cheese cake I'll be preparing for buka puasa today and tomorrow (buruk perangai puasa tapi non-stop fikir pasal food kan) hahaha

Have a good weekend everyone :) Take care *muackz*


Izyan Darling said...

masa u pregnant with Ryan pun bulan puasa ke? i wonder how it feels like to carry twins. pls tell me how u managed to down 500ml of water in one go! ok maybe not one go but time sahur tu u minum sebanyak tu? i dread everytime nak bangun sahur. but i told myself, kalau nak puasa, kena sahur. so paksa diri bangun gak.

twayblade said...

same here far. sahur mesti mkn kurma and 1 glass of milk + 2 glasses of air suam. night before 1 spoon of honey and lots and lots of air suam.

i do think kurma is the reason that i feel so energetic as compared to when fasting while not pregnant.

~f@R~ said...

Izyan: ahah dulu ngan Ryan pun puasa month when I was 5-6 months preggers. I just carry around the water bottle and will keep drinking sampai habis. paksa je diri...

Ida: ah ah I agree.. I rasa lepas start makan kurma tu alhamdullilah dapat rasa banyak beza bila puasa. boleh la amalkan even after preggers kan :)