Monday, October 13, 2008

Argghh:The 1st Episode


That described my feelings at the moment. My viva dates for my presentation has been brought forward by two weeks to this Friday. The written submission date is still the same, but the literature review is crap and does not fit any standards for an A+ submission. I'll be lucky if I get a B "sigh". Since the marks for the 2nd assignment is gonna be dissapointing ( I can feel it) I need to buffed up my presentation marks this Friday. *urggh*

I have no other option but to take leave this Thursday and Friday to work on it and my other 2 assignments. Thank god this week is quite slow in the rules department. I'm expecting things to heat up soon. So I better finish everything up as soon as possible.

Anyway the admin people are not helping on the matter. Less said about this the better. *sigh*

The weekend was so-so. My family had a small "family open house" on Saturday and my sister and I cooked like crazy... It was fun but tiring... I received 3 invitations to attend friend's and cousins open house, none of which I attended due to assignment and exhaustion.

Anyway good news *sort of* Lan and I will be moving to his Section 7 house for the duration of 1-2 years until we purchase a house of our own. The only catch is we need to give 1 out of the 3 rooms to his brother until April or so. I can live with that I guess (not that I have a choice).

I was campaining for my parents house in Section 8 but since we're not planning to stay there for long, my parents don't see the point to boot out our perfectly nice renter. So to set off my dissapoinment in having to share space with other people (i.e Lan's brother) they are buying us (me!)some furniture for the house (yeah!) Nothing too fancy, rather save the $$$ for our "real" home :)

Lan also promised to paint "my" room hot pink as Part 2 of consolation prize. I'm being annoying but I so need my own space. At least to study, keep my shoes + bags (haha) and in cases nak merajuk (hahaha see I plan for both the good and bad times ;p)And I still have a room in my house in Klang, so I can alternate being in Klang and Shah Alam as I (and Lan) sees fit...

Hope everthing turns out well *insyallah* was browsing Tinie's page and found this website called photofunia. Kinda cool, you guys should try it...

Check out the photos...


Starring Far, Syer and Brad Pitt (eat your heart out Angie)


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