Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'm at home working on my assignment. Decided that I need a day off to finish my assignment

I hate group work. Never did. It's so irritating esp. when you have to work with people who cares about the work lesser than you. Some people like I've mentioned before have no pride on their work. They don't care if they do well, their main concern is to pass.

Urrgghh I have several experience with working with this kind of people. For example if they are expected to do something, they will either "copy & paste" everything and worst of all don't even bother to make any changes or addition to their assignment. Why bother?

Some act as if the have never seen the format section of the Microsoft Words. Grammar mistakes are understandable, but what about spelling? it's like they never heard of spelling checks before. The same people don't bother about things like paragraphing (all the so call small thing). I've had to work with someone who wanted to submit her assignment in pink comic sans form - for a LAW PAPER!!

I don't want to be an ass about this kind of things and someone actually have the cheeks to tell me to lighten up and "it's not that important".Well all I can say is, it is IMPORTANT, we can see the difference between my results and his to illustrate the importance of "assignment presentation"

I don't want to be cocky and I know I've made loads of mistakes, but at least I try.

Anyway was watching Jamie Oliver roast chicken/ribs and fish on his show. Looks so yummy :) In contrast of the "Real Gourmet" show where they show the host tasting deep fried field mouse *yuckz*

I'm watching Episode 5 of Gossip Girls (Season 2) It's wicked, and I found where my darling Blair got her headbands *sigh* The wedding collection starts at RM 450 *urrgghh*

Anyway I spoke to my darling darling friend who agreed to help me draw the design of my wedding dress *yeah love ya babe :) * She wants to remain anonymous but I really appreciate it... Nothing too fancy, we are just incorporating designs from magazines and websites... Due to the budget constraints I decided to be "creative". Hope the result would be great :)

Well gotto go finish my assignment... See you around
xoxo Far

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