Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hari Raya 2008


* Loads of cleaning up and dusting, I feel like Cinderella (hahaha)
* I finally threw away 2 boxes of old letters and craps. Feel so FREE to unhoard ;p
* I made loads of cuppies for Mak Sue's gathering and itz a hit *yeah* Lan was so malu2 and control that day. Great Food!!!
* We made nasi impit and rendang the day before going back to kampung... *besh*

* Made preparations to go back to kampung
* Went to visit my wan & atuk's grave. Miss Wan a lot :(
* No jam, arrive in Malacca by 12.30pm. Granny was cooking loads of ketupat, rendang and kuah lodeh... my mouth was watering by then.. *yum*
* Buka puasa with mak long's family and nenek.The other budak2 nakal did not balik raya this year, so the house was quiet. Less craziness but a bit boring...

-1st Raya-
* Mummy, daddy, Pak long and Khairul went for sembahyang raya
* The girlies + my aunt had to prepare the house and get ready
* Seperti biasa my baju paling over * my nenek commented on my pareo, something about kain orang lain straight but mine is flowyy* actually her words was "bertingkat"
* Visited my 'real' grandma's house in Ujung Pasir. Bored to death, but at least Ashreeq was there. The idiotic stuck up cousin who thinks she's hell of a great was there too (p/s: she is not: juz jealous that I'm smarter, cooler and more good looking than her..hahah). *urggh* I can't bloody stand that bitch. Dahlah tak salam my daddy. Who cares even if itz raya, I still have nothing nice to say about her.. Minus one invite for my wedding
* yeah and everyone was teasing me about the upcoming wedding. They call me "pengantin". Sukahatilah... and my uncle was persuading me to buy a RM500,000 piece of land in Ampang. I'm like "how much do you think I make a year?"
* I ate and I ate... GREAT YUMMY FOOD ALL AROUND...

-2nd Raya-
* Waited for Anas & the gang to arrive. My parents went beraya but my sis and I stayed home. My auntie had food poisoning. Kesian, she was shivering and puking.
* Went to Nilai on the way home to visit Mak Ngah. Got free dodol courtesy of Amir and Adi. *besh*

-3rd Raya-
* Nothing much, some people came over for Raya. I made pasta. My 7 year old cousin, Haziq came. He was like "tak sedap lah Ana masak" but he asked for second servings. Geram saje je menyakat, becoz I've been teasing him non-stop :p

-4th Raya-
* I made Nasi Ayam because Lan said he is coming and he wants Nasi Ayam (I'm such an A++ fiance).Everybody (i.e the people who came over) said it was good *yeah* Had to entertain more people who came over...

-5th Raya-
* After a week not hanging out, finally manage to spend some time with Azlan. Lepak for a while doing nothing *hehe*, tried to finish my homework *grin* and went to watch EagleEye in Cineleisure(ok-lah). We had lunch in Ayam Penyet Restaurant in Curve (Indonesian based restaurant)I've been there before and wanted Lan to try it, but I'm regretting my action because I suspect he's going to make us eat there everytime we go to Curve *sigh* Tried finding for my daddy's bday prezzie but no luck, so we went home...

* Today is daddy's bday. Gave him $$$ cause the shoes that he wanted can't be found. So I'm officially broke this month, with the duit raya, baju raya etc.
* Got Nina Jelly for her belated bday prezzie... She's estatic... hahaha
* Went to class, finalize my research topic. I'm wondering why some people just have no pride in doing their work properly, but that is another topic altogether..

Have a productive week everybody....

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