Friday, October 17, 2008

When I was supposed to be studying.... *smirk*

I may or may not be a proud owner of one of these...

@ Tony Romas

In my defence, I did finish ONE assignment before I went gallivanting around with Reebok at the Gardens, Mid Valley. We walk around scouting for my "hantaran" stuff. Went in Coach and saw "the bag" heheheheh.... I'm so in love.... for loads of reason I rather not get into now.... Let some things remain a suprise :)

Anyway, my neighbours came over beraya yesterday. For the past 3 weeks I've been getting loads of advices and offer of help from people. The one that I really appreciate mostly come from the older generation

I may not agree with some of the suggestion but some of them have real good points, and they are more willing to lend a helping hand rather than give criticism over each of your choice. When I have to endure stuff that I don't think is helping, I reminded myself over something someone told me.

"do you prefer that no one cares? even if the person offer a string of bad advice, close your eyes swallow it and imagine that they are trying to do some good (even if they don't) it's good karma"

Hehehe whatever lah.... Once my finals are over I'm gonna start going all out on the preparations. I'm suddenly so excited after yesterday... heheheheh

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