Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Failure is not an option...

Hehehe this is my current tagline..

I have a few friends including myself who is currently furthering their studies in various subjects/courses. The one thing that is on everyone mind is whether or not they will pass their exam...Everytime someone relay the fears to me. I will give them this standard answer... "Failing your paper is not an option, so don't even consider it"

Trust me it worked. The main thing is you have to BELIEVE!!!

Anyway my Viva went well, and my final presentation for this semester was AWESOME. You don't know how ecstatic I was when Dr Rizal told me that he thought I did a great job on my research, I was the ONLY one in the class that he complimented, so it was very hard to stop myself from grinning from ear to ear like an idiot... Alhamdullilah the extra effort paid off... huhuhu

Written submission *here I come* double sigh

Went "beraya" to Lan's parents house on Sunday with my parents. They discussed all the itty-bitty detail on the wedding and the date of the wedding is 100% confirmed *insyaallah* I still do not feel like announcing the details to the public. I guess my closest friends already knew, so that is enough....

Mission Impossible??

Hahahah my manager came to Nina and I for help just now. He wanted this song, but he don't know the name, lyric, singer and he can't even sing us the tune. His clue was-

1. There is a cute guy in a band. Not too old not to young... Got hair (so not Daughtry)
2. The video clip consists of an airplane with "asap" and got love (huh?)
3. He remember this line "I'm going home to my daughter/son/children (double huh?)

So I Google for the lyric, either Gun& Roses or Bonjovi (ehhe??) and tried typing in the description, and he suddenlt remembered the guys sang "Bad Day". I was like Daniel Powter? since when is the guy in a band? So I Google Daniel Powter, Plane, Lyric.

Drumroll... It's actually Daniel Powter- Next Plane Home...

Hahaha interesting research.... totally woke me up from an otherwise boring Tuesday evening :)

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