Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My shopping wishlist...

I have been quite good lately and I actually kept to my SHOPTOX. I did not make any nonsensical purchases (no tops/dresses/bags/shoes etc from online/malls) Minus one shoe (which was on discount, on my must have list and gorgeous) I did not get anything for myself for the past 24 days. Quite an achievement if you ask me...heheheh

Anyway I'm still putting myself on probation despite getting my salary early this month (due to Deepavali) and I actually save an extra RM 300 (on top of the normal deduction to ASB and Tabung Haji - Despite my crazy spending I actually manage save about 20% of my salary each month, not bad,huh!)

With the wedding less that 4 months away, I think I'll spend my money on more important stuff rather than nonsense... Trying hard to be an adult eventhough most people around me are not... hahahahah

Lan and I got the material for his reception yesterday at Gulatti's and we're going to send his B.Melayu and my reception dress to the tailor today. We're making 3 pairs of B.Melayu for him and 1 dress for moi, so I guess it's safer to do it early. Planning to send it to the Auntie who made my engagement dress. My reception and nikah dress is going to another boutique next week, once I decided on the design (haha tough luck)

Anyway just because I'm not shopping that does not mean I'm not thinking/wishing for new stuff, and I'm planning to get some of this items once I decided that it's within this month budget :)

My New Nine West Shoes. Not recommendable if you're planning to walk (a lot)since it's about 3-4 inch but you'll look great posing ;p

I want this: Betsey Johnson Tattoo Chic Frame

Steve Madden Zebra Print Peep Toe: I saw this in ISETAN, and it's on 50% discount but didn't get it coz I was looking for working shoes, and this does not qualify *sigh*

Channel Sunglasses: My black spec for driving broke, so I'm looking for a new one... Hahah I dunno if I can afford this but something similiar would be great...

Christian Louboutin Papilipi Pumps : need I say more? *double sigh*

Black Pumps
Betsey Johnson Mary Janes Peep Toe : I'm a sucker for anything with ribbons..hehehe

Gossip Girl T-shirt. Cute!!

Jennifer Behr Pink Orchid Headband : Blair wore this during Lily's wedding, I think it's cute

Enough wishes for today. Back to reality... loads work to do.. Have a great day everyone...

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