Thursday, October 30, 2008

If I say so....

I guess I've been going MIA for the moment. I just have no time to update due to work and also assignments *sigh* My fault for doing work last minute (hehehe)

Anyway, I'm currently working on a cross functional project for another department. To tell you the truth I don't understand why I'm doing the research and updates despite the fact that they have their own lackeys (hahaha) but I'm telling myself that this is going to be good exposure for me, so I'm still going to do my best... *sigh* hope my good deed is rewarded (hahaha serious buat kerja tak ikhlas, kan?)

The weekend was fun. Went to the Zara and MPH warehouse sales on Saturday with Reebok and Lan. I got one white shirt from Massimo Dutti and Lan bought a shoe. The sale was ok but most of the remaining sizes are L-XL too big for me. However, the MPH sales was awesome. I totally went crazy buying books. I bought 7 novels (classis + chic lits) for a total of RM150 only. Murahkan! It was worth it :)We took lodsa cute photo's but it's all in my external harddisk.Too bad, will load it later :)

I was at home doing nothing on Sunday. Bored to death coz my car was in the workshop. Had some problem with the radiator, long story but everything is fine in the end.

Monday, was Deepavali and I was restless and HAD to go out, so I took my dad's car to Juju's open house, went there with Reebok and met up with Jujubes, Tini, Iena, Rinie etc...Was fun, we did what we do best - camwhoring!!! Anyway uploaded some of the pics here.

I'll be on my study/exam break starting from tomorrow (Friday) until 5 of November (Wednesday) So may not be answering my emails (as usual) So if you email and I don't reply tu faham2 and sms-la instead of spamming my email account, lepas tu merajuk I tak balas. I tgh perli someone know who you are... hahahahahah

Ok, wish me luck... planning to create history next week... hahahah gotto love the confidence if not the cockiness, right?? *ciao*

@ Juju's Open House

Our Desperate Housewives Ad walk...

The Girly-girly...

Cam-whoring as usual...

The construction workes was hooting at us in the background *geram*

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