Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lonely Boy/Girl...

Quoting my Political Science Lecturer Prof. Munis Paran "Men are social animals" thus we need interaction in order to lead a healthy life. However, are you so dependent on "human interaction" that you can't function without being surrounded by other people?

You see, I LOVE GOING OUT ALONE. Guys (esp) don't believe it. Everytime I made this proclamation, it will be accepted with a smirk or a "yeah right". I have nothing against hanging out "beramai-ramai" but sometimes a girl just got to be ALONE.

For example the time that I really treasure everyday is the drive to and back from work. It is the best time to unwind and think. No endless BORING chatter, no people nagging, just loadsa music and the open road. Or the "ME TIME" during lunch time, where you are able to spend SHOPPING for the new dress you wanted without people tagging around urging you to hurry up or offering unwanted opinion.

I remembered a few month back, when I needed to find a black top for a party. A bunch of friends was going to lunch together and ask me to join.

I declined giving the above excuse. Here is a recollection of the conversation:-

C: Nevermindlah we come with you. Can go shopping together
Me: Nope, It's ok, I'm skipping lunch so that I'll have more time to look around
C: Why not go later? You wouldn't want to spend lunch time alone wondering in a Mall
Me: Why not?
C: I dunno, don't you want people around?
*I just smiled*Maybe I just need more CHILL ME time than other people :)
I've experimented the following activity just for the fun of it:
  1. Walking around a mall endlessly shopping alone (biasa jer, ramai girls do that)
  2. Eating meals alone in a proper restaurant (Did this a few times, kind of ackward but bearable esp. if you have a book or a magazine with you)
  3. Watch a movie alone ( hehe I did this once, it definately feel weird but wasn't so bad after the innitial KR reaction from the ticket guy yang jerit kuat-kuat "cik adik nak tengok wayang sorang2. Takde boyfriend ke?" - Sangatlah malu but the movie was good, what the hell)

If there is one way to build self confidence, is this, walk alone and see if you can face people perception of being a "lonely friendless person". Tell yourself this, " I have friends I just don't need them ALL the time :) "


Honeymoon dress - Saya ada perangai menyampah baru. I'm obsessed with finding "new dresses" for my honeymoon. Lan was like " I think you have ENOUGH non-honeymoon baju that you haven't even worn yet" but I can't help it. I think I'm just finding a reason to shop.

I'm asking a friend to help me get this top from . Everythis is on X-Mas sale so you can get summer dress for 30%-70% discount.

Love this coz I can double it by wearing it with legging or skinny jean for a more "sahsiah look"

Tutu Skirt with flower adornments. This is 60's vintage from Can't afford it but I think this look is adorable. Maybe I'll just get a tutu and stick some flowers to it :)

Ruffle Blouse. The top is Blair inspired :) Blair wore it to her Bday party, but I doubt the top from the Bill Blass collection will work on me. Due to the lack of assets (hehe) The blue version is a bit more "covered" but it still scream CLASS. Can't afford this either but just putting it here coz I think it's cute (haha)


This 80's vintage white/silver pumps is to die for, Function as a perfect wedding shoe :) It's affordable lah, around RM300 after delivery etc. Tetapi only available in size 5 and the sole is leather (which I suspected to be made with oink oink skin, a common thing with imported shoes) so why bother right?

Wanna get back to work... adios people...


Izyan Darling said...

i always go jalan2 alone oso esp in KLCC and Pavilion so u can imagine the stares that i get. true, sometimes we just need a "me time". some ppl didnt believe me either. i said to them, if i go alone, i can take all the time in the world and i can belek2 the same things over and over again. tak payah risau ada org tunggu ke, org boring ke apa. once i ate at sushi king alone and i can see ppl looking at me weird. what the hell! tapi so far i haven't have enough courage to see movie alone. ;P

~f@R~ said...

I agree with you, some people don't get the whole "me time" thingy :) Anyway let's hear it for all the independent women out there *woohoo*