Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ring O Ring

I'm currently trying to decide on a wedding ring for Lan.

I'm confused on the right type of "metal" that guys are allowed to wear. There is this big argument going on whether guys can wear platinum, white gold or suasa. So I did a little research on the matter.

Gold (as in yellow ones are out). There are some argument that white gold are not actually gold (mainly due to its colour) thus it is allowed for men:

White Golds: What are they?What are ‘white golds’? Are they a special form of gold? Do they contain gold? These are typical questions often asked of us. Well, they are not a special form of gold (which is why you cannot get 24 carat white gold). Actually, they are true carat golds, just like yellow or red carat gold jewellery. They are gold alloys that look white rather than yellow. The white colour is achieved by careful choice of the alloying metals, which bleach the deep yellow of pure gold.
( Refer to :

Based on the definition, forms and contents many Islamic scholar dictates that white gold does fall under the "gold family" thus making it HARAM for men.The same goes to SUASA based on its content which is a mixture of gold and bronze.

So that leave us with platinum which is allowed for men, as it does not share the same chemical content as gold. The best based on sunnah Rasulluallah S.A.W is of course silver.

This issue is kinda "controversial" as I do see some of my male colleague sporting white gold wedding rings. Their argument is, its okey to wear it as long as you don't wear it during solat. I malas lah want to argue, but based on sunnah, Muslim men are not allowed to wear silk and gold at all time, but it's your call.

Anyway do you know there is actually a scientific reason as to why men are not allowed to wear gold, for some reason they create some sort of negative chemical imbalance to their body as opposed to women. There is a group of scientist out there trying to approve and disapprove the rationale behind some Islamic teaching, it's kinda cool, like why you are not supposed to eat pork, reason why you should samaq' after touching dogs etc

Yeah I know this post is kinda serious as opposed to my normal bimbo-ish antics.. but just serving it as a part of reminder to myself and others...

So the moral of the story is Lan would be getting a Rm0.20 cincin tikam from kedai depan...hehehhe



twayblade said...

sma dilemma i faced many moons ago. i bought yen a white gold ring instead of platinum for the simple reason, gua tak mampu nak beli platinum la beb. platinum mahal sgt and totally out of my budget. but, if u have the money, go buy platinum.

~f@R~ said...

Heheheh yeap I know its better to get platinum tapi mahal-kan, but Lan tak pakai cincin, so I takut nanti membazir.

Maybe I'll use the money and get something else for him yang dia akan pakai tiap2 hari sampai mati :)