Monday, November 17, 2008

Hope or no Hope???

My weekend was pretty much productive or so I claim...heheheh

Managed to get most stuff on my "to-buy" list. Dragged Lan to Sunway on Friday night and went to Curve (again) on Saturday to pick up my new moisturiser and VS toiletries for my hantaran from Ice. Am happy with the stuff but would need to repack/redecorate the stuff properly, but I'm LAZY (hehe)

I tried my new Hope-In- A- Jar. I got it because it was on Sephora's must have item, and out of 25 reviews 19 was good. To say that I've seen extraordinary result would be exaggerating. I've only been using it for less than 3 days anyway, so we will wait and see. The SKII is working fine, the most noticeable result is my face in not overly oily by noon... I will only judge the succesfulness of the product after a month :)


Anyway, Lan and I have started on our HOME MAKEOVER project :) We're planning to paint the flat, restore some of the furniture and buy some new appliances (huhu Mummy is giving us the new Panasonic Electric Oven she won in a Lucky Draw, carpets and some china and pots :p) We haven't decided on a colour yet, but I'm leaning towards light summery yellow and baby pink with flower separator wallpaper in the middle for the living room, pink for my room and yellow for "our" room (in order to save money and paint) brownish creme for the kitchen & toilet. Maybe we can also paint the door and windowsill dark "woody" brown.

Lan is bugging me to start cleaning my stuff so that I can start moving things in stages (hahah he don't want to admit it but I bet he is more excited for me to move in than I'm actually am) So Spring Clean Part4 2008 - here I come. I'm either giving away some old clothes/bags/shoes or probably just toss it away if no one wants it. Someone suggested that I sell the pre-used stuff online, but I malas want to maintain another blog, I'm having problem updating this blog as it is... heheheh... but we shall see... never say never...

Work is oKey, nothing great happening at the moment. I was cornered into helping with the Inter House Performance for Annual Dinner. Should be fun, but I was actually planning on skipping in this year. The theme is Middle Eastern, so you'll either come as a belly dancer (scrap that coz I don't want to subject people to the torture of looking at my tummy) or you can wear a jubah.

So wanting to actually get something that I can actually wear more than once, I decided to make my own Jubah, I bought this really pretty emerald green silk material last Saturday and send it to my tailor, am planning to sew the rhinestones to the square-shaped neckline of my jubah (which I help design) on my own (heheh) Oh, just my luck that when I went to see the makcik, my reception dress for Lan's house is ready.

It turn out to be really sweet and simple, but some alteration need to be done as it was a tad too big (I think I lost weight..hehe) and we still need to wait for my veil to be finished, fingers cross it should be ready at the end of this month, and I can start shopping for accessories (yeah!)

Hmmm.. I wonder what is the status of my other two dresses that was sent to another wedding boutique ;p

I hate Mondays, can't wait for the holidays....

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