Friday, November 14, 2008

Cream Puff & Hazelnut Chocolate

I'm so relieved it's Friday...

Excited because we're going to continue our shopping expedition tomorrow *yeah* I'm planning to go looking for Lan's stuff first and pay attention to my things next month... We're not planning to get everything at the same time, as long as everything is within the budget I'm happy.

Am proud to say that due to careful budgeting and skimping ( I admit more on Lan's side than mine..heheh), we're able to get some real cool stuff "credit free" (I'm sure a lot of people may not think so, but who cares right??) So as long as I don't have to "berhutang" to get what I want I'm thankful *alhamdullilah*

Anyway Izzah and I accidently bumped into the Metrojaya Warehouse sale in Mid Valley. We went in and my head was spinning due to the huge number of people walking around. The sales is quite good though. Nine West, Betseyville Bag, Steve Madden, JLO , Guess?, Jessica Simpson etc. I'm considering of going again tomorrow but my comforter search is much more important *hehehe*

Anyway if you guys are free you should go and check the sale out.... I got Lan a Polo Belt for RM40 since he have been looking for a brown belt for months but didn't get anything for myself surprisingly...

*yeah* My Hope in a Jar moisturiser(Philosophy) have arrived along with my Victoria Secret toiletries... so-so excited am planning to pick it up tomorrow!!

I have more stuff to update but I don't feel like typing, maybe next week... Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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