Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pissed? Take a DEEP breathe....

I have loads of things to blog about but I can't find the time to do so. I'm swimming in the sea of projects at the moment, and let just say that it's challenging due to the human factors.

10 minutes ago, I was so pissed that if there was someone standing in front of me, I would probably smack their heads for no apparent reasons. I managed to calm down a bit and think it through. I've done my part and I've done it excellently, if other people don't care about the quality of their work it's THEIR problem not mine.

I'm just going to pray to Allah that everything would go on fine *insyaalah* Complaining attracts bad karma, and I do not want any bad vibes surrounding me, and stressing caused ACNE....

So THINK happy thoughts, Far :)

6 Months: Engaged to be Married
Last Monday (24/11/2008) dates 6 months of me getting engaged to Lan. We agreed that we do not want to do the normal "dinner dates and prezzie". I gave Lan and myself a RM5 max limit for gifts, and he did something really sweet, something so not Lan-like (hehehe) [ He put together some stuff he collected around the house] and I printed him a "world best boyfie" certificate from online (no fiance'lah) and we had our dinner at Seksyen2, Shah Alam. I know it's so biasa but I seriously think it's one of the best dates we had in months :)

Good Karma : Law of Attraction
I did several unselfish things yesterday and believe it or not I actually made close to RM200 because of it (betul tak tipu). So this totally motivates the current "thou shall not bitch"state of mind :)

Santa is cominggggg......
I managed to do some XMas shopping for my friends yesterday, am so happy with my finds :) Hope they like it!!! Anyway I wanted to get some kain for the wedding (for sis and fave cousin (saya favouritism)) so Lan accompanied me to Subang to get it, I managed to get some, I love it so much ada terasa nak take it for myself, tapi nanti BURUK SIKU... hahahah planning to go to KL next month to continue my "kain search"

See??? It worked, everything is fine and I shall not worry... It's 6.22pm. I think I'll just make my final checks and head home... see ya amiga...

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