Monday, November 10, 2008

Chicky Weekend

Friday & Saturday

Been waiting for this chance to go out with the girls for so long and my wish came true on Friday, when Reebok, Uda, Najwa, Iena and I managed to spend some time together.We had our dinner at 10.30pm at Tamarind Hills (coz SOMEONE was late getting ready...heheh). The food was so-so but the scenery is beautiful....

My beef fillet was not bad, but Najwa's Cod Fish & Risotto was foul, and the chicken breast with blue cheese was not great either. Our chocolate mud pie (desert) was delightful but the cheese & raspberry souffle' is "interesting" I guess we just don't have the "acquired" taste for French Cuisine :)

After subtly kicked out by the waiters (hahaha sibuk ambik pic-cha) we decided to go karaoke-ing in E-Box (?? I think) till around 2.30pm. We had so much fun, YDPA naik "sheikh" and siap menari on the kerusi, pastu kena marah with the waiter (ahah) We were screaming on the top of our lungs and singing (out of key most of the time) to our heart content.

Najwa decided to make some detour after that untuk melihat kaum sejenis but too bad takde (padan muka) we send your dirty-ness home and I drove back coz Reebok mengantuk, Kitaorng singgah A& W kejap beli float (yummy) We talk till late in the morning ( I think I slept around 5.55am)

I woke up early considering; woke up at 9am and was ready to go out with Lan by 10.30am, but ended up leaving Reebok's place at 12.30pm. Lan and I went to Curve, had lunch in "Ayam Penyet" and watched James Bond: Quantum of Solace. The movie was action packed (not bad) but I fell asleep halfway through because I was too tired.

After that we went to Metrojaya to look out for "wedding stuff". We managed to get a perfume each for the hantaran (No sale but loads of freebies and cash vouchers) and I bought Lan his hantaran shoes. Next week we're going to scout for his watch if there's time.


Did some housework and went to Shah Alam to see Hanim to discuss on the last minute amendments to our Research Proposal. The dateline is Tuesday but since we have to send it early, we have to work really hard and finish everything by Monday night.

@ Tamarind Hills, Ampang KL

With the Chicky's

Rajoo the clothes maker....

Cik Siti Kembang Payung : Iena, Myself and Reebok

The minah dangduts

Gedik: I Know...

Geram with the two poser yg kat tengah...

Rambut Ienano enter frame gambar with Uda


petitedelight said...

gemuk nak mati i..shitty shit..have 2 diet like rite now..
OMG..selama nie i know dat my jeans r getting tighter n its hard 4 me 2 wear it, sampai my butt crammed..but i force myself..but this pictures is a sign 4 me 2 lose weight..shitty no more fattening n rich n cheesy n unhealthy food..:( so sad n down already

~f@R~ said...

hahah i just realised this comment and aku rasa lawak pasal your butt comment...

kunnie I know you want me to say that you are always handsome no matter wat....well you are handsommey like urkellie