Friday, November 21, 2008

Of Giving and Taking....

As we are all aware X-Mas is a month away. However, we can already see decorations, tinsels and bells hanging in malls. Usually when you think of X-Mas the first thing that will come to mind is PRESENTS

My friends and I have this little tradition of exchanging gift during XMas. Now the tradition have also spill over to the office, where we play the little "Secret Santa Game". We'll pick ballot with another person name, and get them gifts within an agreed budget. In this case its RM35.

It's very difficult to get something that people may want and like. I have given up and resorted to asking people to tell me what they want, I would even prefer if you can give me a picture to go along with the description. I'm not saying that you will 100% received the item, at least I can work on getting something similar to it :)

A friend disagree with my method saying that it seems tacky to get presents that way. But my argument is simple, I don't see the point of getting someone things that they may not use (ever!) There are times, more often than not that I received things that are either not my style, colour or even size. I'll accept it with a smile and stash it somewhere and forget all about it until my next Spring Cleaning.

I'm not being a SNOB, I appreciate people's gesture, but sometimes I feel some people tend to pick present according to their own preference instead of others.

I'm guilty of that too. Like if I buy stuff for Lan, I'll pick things that I like him to wear instead of what he likes wearing, or if I shop for a friend of mine who love every shade of black,brown and navy, to which I find extremely dull and end up getting her something bright instead (which I doubt she wears anyway). Horrible habit, but I'm trying to change this :)

Anyway tomorrow is my sisters Bday. She wants a clutch, a boring black one (Don't get why esp. since she has a gazillion black bags). But keeping with my latest motto I will get her what she wants no matter what my reservations are :) Saw a bunch of pretty ones in One Utama just now, but I think I'll be getting the one below from Miss Selfridges.

It's within my budget and its BLACK with thin gold strap. It reminded me of my Guess Hepburn Clutch actually. Maybe a thinner version ;p

I love this Marc Jacob Rosebuds Ballerina Slippers *sigh* Anybody know where I can get something similar (satin preferably) in Cream/White. Anything below RM100 would be great... heheheh (Kalu RM10 lagi bagus..haha)

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