Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Just DON'T Get It!!!


I don't understand why some people choose to be so "RUDE". Though this incident did not happen to me but to a friend, it just piss the **** out of me. I know the CULPRIT a former classmate, who in my opinion is not good looking, not the most intelligent in the class, have no taste in clothes but LOVE to treat people like DIRT!! Rationalizing, maybe he just have very low self confidence, maybe he just have no brains, but I don't get how you expect to be treated PROFESSIONALLY when you fail to act like a professional you claim to be. It's all karma baby, you get what you give and I'm seriously praying to god that you'll get what you deserve (good or bad)
On a happier note, I've submitted my research proposal last night and I'm FREE for the next 2 months *fooh* It's not easy being a part time student but alhamdullilah, I'm still surviving :)

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